I started to write about how I’m beginning to find myself settling into a routine in here in ol’ Walled Lake, but I decided to stop, because I don’t like it at all and I like thinking about it even less. And I liked reading what I had written about it the least. So, different things!

The most productive thing I’ve added to my life lately is work, or, as Sarah dubbed it the other day, zoupin’. These are my favorite things about getting my zoup on:

1. It is significantly warmer than my house. Come to think of it, it’s also warmer than either of my former workplaces (the Kresge icebox and the Women’s Center freezer). I wear jeans and a short-sleeved t-shirt and regular socks (as opposed to knee socks) with tennis shoes (as opposed to boots) and I’m cozy all shift long–such a novelty! In fact, as I sit here leaching heat from my computer cord’s powerblock (is that what it’s called?), I’m already disappointed that the snow is keeping me from Zoup’s warm embrace tomorrow morning. I’ve never appreciated a snow day less.

2. They have the Pandora you pay for. And it’s usually playing Motown! I’ve also hummed along to some 90’s alternative while I sweep. I can imagine that speaker system being put to such ear-affronting uses that its downright agreeableness makes me happy everyday.

These are the standouts. Otherwise, it’s easy, everyone is nice, and they pay me. Good deal.

Okay, I had wanted to write more, but I’m becoming steadily less motivated and keep getting distracted and switching to other tabs, so I’m going to stop. On a final note I’d like to say that I wholly disapprove of this whole snow-blizzard-thing that’s going on, because what it means for me is a.) I’m not going to see the Decemberists tomorrow because the show’s been postponed, b.) I’m not working tomorrow and therefore not getting paid and c.) I’m going to be stuck sitting in my house for even more time. Good riddance to January and may February live up to its title of shortest month!