I have a new goal!

I just realized that I’ve never been to the DIA by myself. This is surprising, because I love going to museums by myself, but it also makes sense that I’m usually only inspired to visit museums alone while I’m traveling. Now that I’m aware of this, though, I intend to start going to the all the museums in Detroit when I have free and boring afternoons. Today it’s snowing too much to drive out there, and tomorrow begins my gainful employment (thank god) so this plan isn’t off to a rousing start, but I’m sure it will be well worth it when I do.

Last week filled up rather nicely between yoga, babysitting, more yoga, and more babysitting. Yoga Shelter definitely isn’t my favorite yoga that I’ve come across, so when I left the last class of my free, unlimited week yesterday, I did my best to scurry out unnoticed rather than be solicited to purchase the discounted package that I knew wasn’t worth spending money I don’t have. I succeeded; that is, no one came running out after me trying to convince me to go for broke. The next step in my plan was to try out Bikram Yoga next, because their two unlimited weeks for $25 is still really cheap. But either the fates are smiling down on me or Yoga Shelter has much sneakier tactics for convincing new students to buy classes than I suspected, because the Groupon deal in my email this morning was $24 for 24 yoga classes there! $24 is a much less irresponsible amount to charge to my credit card than $115, and since it’s the same amount I was going to spend for fewer classes at Bikram (even in my intense dedication, I would not have made it to 24 classes in 14 days) I can purchase this package nearly guilt-free. Lacking a social life is going to leave me very flexible.

I did get to commune with the world of people last night, because Tracey was in town. We decided we wanted to play pool, so we left Royal Oak for Ferndale in search of a pool table. Every pool table in Ferndale was occupied, so we returned to be Royal Oak, determined to execute our great idea. All the pool tables were similarly commissioned in the first few places we checked, which was confusing, because, as we realized, usually when we have a great idea it’s creative or weird enough that no one else is having it at the same time. You would think that pool on a Sunday night in Metro Detroit would be like that (we would think that, at least), but guess what? Free pool is a Sunday-night thing. We finally learned that and found an open pool table at Fifth Avenue, and it was still a fantastic idea despite its apparent unoriginality.

I just looked out the window and there is a Canadian goose making his lonely and confused way up the driveway. One of his wings looks kind of like it’s dragging, poor goose, I have no idea what i could do about that…okay, crisis averted, I just ran around the perimeter of the house looking out windows while he walked and then, thankfully, flew down to the stream. Happy travels, confused goose (~3:32–“I’ve had that goose so confused, it was quacking”)!

p.s. Happy belated anniversary to Roe vs. Wade! Support women’s health, safety, and autonomy and not the drawing of pictures like this (why would there ever be a fetus inside a fetus? It seems more like an argument against nuclear waste, or something).