The dancing in this video reminds me a lot of the dance moves from Just Dance for Wii, my new favorite game as of six days ago. I can’t decide if the game makes me like this video more or if this video makes me like the game more. Fortunately there is a lot of room in my heart for choreographed dance moves that I might actually be capable of (see also, although I always wish the girl had her own dance of joyful acceptance at the end).

Today I babysat, then had an interview, then babysat again, then went to yoga, which meant I was out of the house and occupied with doing actual things for a full twelve hours today. It was almost like being busy again! With any luck such days will begin to occur more frequently. In the meantime, I’ve had time to get around to tasks such as:

organizing all the CD’s in my car. I removed about 50 of them that didn’t meet the requisite standards for taking up space in one of the cases I have. Now, listening to a CD that I’ve acquired in the years since high school doesn’t mean pulling piles of jewel cases out from the pocket behind the passenger seat, meaning I get points for organization and safety. Although really I just wish that my ipod-radio thing hadn’t broken. Tomorrow, I plan to clean files off my computer so that it (hopefully) runs faster. The anticipation, I can barely handle it.