About half an hour ago, I felt an urge–to herbal!–no, to type,  but I do often wonder (relatively speaking) why Herbal Essences ever dropped that ad campaign.  I doubt they’ve been as successful since. Anyway, I felt compelled to type something, in my own words, that wasn’t an application or a cover letter, and a vague, faded memory came to me. Vague and faded because it came from the realm of finals weak, where everything is a blur, but at some point during that week that in my mind is viewed through a 4th-floor library window webbed with giant spiders on the outside and fogged up by my ragged, distracted breath on the inside, um, huh, lost the thread of that sentence. What happened was that I decided to make a new blog where I would log anything I accomplished after graduating from college so as to assuage my sense of failure when I began seeking employment. An idea promptly forgotten until I began seeking employment. SO you can see how that task is making me feel.

Twenty-nine minutes ago, I grabbed my computer and Hotel Rwanda from my room.  Twenty-seven minutes ago, I realized that I couldn’t make an inane blog about knitting legwarmers while watching Hotel Rwanda.  Up till about fifteen minutes ago, I was making the rounds on gmail, facebook, twitter, other whatnot. And then, THEN, it was blog-makin’ time*. First came the usual debate: which platform should I use for my newest foray into the world of weblogs that would probably be read by no one?  No to tumblr and its big playskool buttons, and then I couldn’t really think of any except Blogger and WordPress, except Movable Type but there was something to download on the homepage? so I just stopped looking, and then remembered that I already have blogs on both blogger and wordpress, so of course I had to check them out, so of course I had to try a million (3) usernames and passwords, and lo and behold, wordpress has some of its own playskool buttons, huh?  And yet here I am.  Because, what I had somehow, some way, forgotten to consider, was my brand-new shiny domain name! What! This is my favorite part usually! Alas, I had not a thought as to what I might call my chronicle of recently-graduated unemployedness.

Until, I remembered.


I knew I had come up with this fantastic phrase years ago, and feared that in that time some other poor, falsely-thinking-themselves-to-be-humorous soul had had the same stroke of genius. So I checked the domains on blogger and wordpress.  I was home-free on the former, but on the latter, not so much. I was crushed, well, not crushed, but dented like a piece of plastic that needs to be popped back the other way, and navigated on over to see who had taken over the hot dog domain.  Can you see where this is going by now?  Yeah, it was my blog.  That I had created for the sole purpose of preserving my great idea (surprisingly[?] not yet replicated). I figured out the other username I had apparently registered on wordpress and here I am. My new-well-not-really-new-but-very-gently-used blog.

*not to be confused with baby-makin’, especially music-wise (unless you’ve got a thing for the harp)